BNP Paribas Bank reveals the unexpected jobs of its staff plus...four more behind-the-scenes campaigns.

BNP Paribas Bank reveals the unexpected jobs of its staff plus...four more behind-the-scenes campaigns.
Unexpected Jobs - Paribas Bank

Going behind the scenes is a highly effective way to offer consumers a glimpse into the inner workings of your brand or product. It's an approach that taps into people's curiosity and allows advertisers to humanize their brand, build trust, and showcase the passion and dedication that goes into being the best. Below are five examples, starting with a recently released campaign from BNP Paribas that has turned its workforce into the voice of the brand.

The Unexpected Jobs of BNP Paribas | BNP Paribas | Publicis | 2023

Who better than employees to tell the hidden stories of the more than 300 jobs that make up BNP Paribas Bank today? That was the thinking behind this campaign, launched in collaboration with Publicis France, to showcase the profound changes in the bank's jobs. The #UnexpectedJobs campaign, allows employees to define and share their day-to-day roles, reflecting the diversity of profiles within the BNP Paribas Group. This collaborative initiative goes far beyond being a mere advertisement or employer branding campaign. It is an opportunity for the bank's 190,000 employees worldwide to highlight the over 300 jobs that shape the organization. Since April 20, 2023, employees have been encouraged to share their job titles, the value they bring, and insights into their daily work on LinkedIn. In such a manner, the bank's evolution is being captured through the voices of its own workforce.

Ketchup. But first, Tomato | Heinz | Africa | 2022

Heinz Ketchup and Agency Africa launched a limited edition bottle with a plantable label to emphasize its naturalness and superior quality. Inspired by the insight that many Brazilians didn't actually believe the ketchup is made from tomatoes - the campaign aimed to highlight this pivotal ingredient in no uncertain terms! By inviting consumers to plant Heinz Tomato Seeds at home, the brand showed its commitment to sourcing high-quality ingredients and cultivating them according to strict standards. The Plantable Label also served as a symbol of Heinz Ketchup's quality, inviting consumers to engage in the process and gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to grow decent tomatoes.

The Truth Is Hard To Find | New York Times | Droga 5 |

With misinformation rampant and dwindling trust in institutions, The New York Times sought a compelling way to demonstrate the value of its journalism that merited financial support. To do so, it created several campaign videos that gave viewers a glimpse of their reporters’ lives, shining a light on the dedication and effort invested in every story. By offering an insider's perspective, these films fostered a renewed appreciation for both the newspaper and its journalists helping to acquire more subscribers in just 24 hours than the paper had in the six weeks prior to launch.

Michael Phelps | Under Armour | Droga5 | 2016

Michael Phelps' final Olympic odyssey ending at Rio is captured in this Droga 5 campaign for Under Armour that reveals his intense training regimen and the path to victory.  The ad highlights the idea that it is what you do (behind the scenes) in the dark that determines your success.  The ad showcases his rigorous training routine, including swimming, weight training, carb loading, and ice baths, while also emphasizing the mental strength required. It's a format we're familiar with but the craft and editing are exceptional earning this campaign multiple awards. Accompanied by The Kills' emotive track "The Last Goodbye," the ad creates a stirring atmosphere.

Backstage | Havaianas | Almap BBDO | 2021

Seeing what fashion models wear on the catwalk often sets next season’s trends but to truly know what counts as fashion, surely it’s what you don’t see - those candid moments away from the spotlight? That’s exactly what Havaianas tapped into to show what models wear when they’re not dressed for the show. The outdoor campaign flipped what you would expect the models to wear with the reality that they’re just like anyone else, seeking out comfort and style, making them more relatable for the audience. The ‘candid’ shots from behind the scenes are designed to give an unseen glimpse that the audience can believe is real. And if it’s good enough for a supermodel’s feet, it’s surely good enough for the average person’s tootsies.