Gatorade fuels one man's recovery plus...four more campaigns that use relationship breakups.

Gatorade fuels one man's recovery plus...four more campaigns that use relationship breakups.
Gatorade campaign

Despite romance novels telling us that love lasts forever, most of us experience a relationship breakup at some point in our lives, and it sucks! The key person in life that you've shared the good, the bad, and the ugly with is no longer there. But as usual, there is a silver lining for all heartbroken creatives and strategists out there. Channel those feelings and use them in your work! Here are five campaigns that did just that. First up, a fine example of brand benefit storytelling from Gatorade.

Break up | Gatoroade | Isla República | 2023

Gatorade's poignant "Breakup" ad acknowledges the difficulty of moving on after a breakup. In the three-minute film created by Isla, the protagonist faces the emotional rollercoaster of a separation. Seeking solace, he channels his sadness into sports, fueled by Gatorade. Directed by Nicolás Pérez Veiga, the short depicts his journey from the painful argument to the breakup and his efforts to move forward. With the tagline "Fuels You Forward," the protagonist discovers a Gatorade in the fridge with a note from his ex, but he overcomes his emotions and finds inner peace through exercise. By the end, he is laughing with his friends on the basketball court and has found the strength to move on with his life.

Breakup Insurance | | Miami Ad School | 2022

Imagine this: You book a holiday trip with your boo but end up breaking up with them. And because you booked that 'cheap' non-refundable trip, you only get two choices: still travel together OR don't go & waste the money spent.

Well, we didn't have to imagine. It's happening a lot these days. So, we came up with a third option: Breakup Insurance. Secure your travel funds and save yourself from heartbreak.

Exchange The Clothes After The Ex | Zalando | 180heartbeats + Jung von Matt | 2021

Most people go through some kind of break up in life – and usually these break ups are accompanied by specific rituals. One of these may be destroying your ex’s clothes. But Zalando wanted to establish a new custom: trading in your ex’s clothes after the break-up. It makes sense that rather than destroy perfectly good clothing because someone perfectly bad wore it, that you could trade it in instead. They took advantage of the everyday (collectively) customs of a breakup to promote the brand’s pre-owned section. The brand acknowledges that you will have feelings about the ex and their clothes and plays on this to work in your favour – and their own.

Ex-Instalmenets | Itaú Banco | Grey | 2022

Itaú Bank, in partnership with Grey Argentina, launched this wonderful campaign where it agreed to pay off the debt on a gift bought for an ex-partner. During Valentine's week, Banco Itaú clients and other heartbroken bank customers could participate for a chance to free themselves from these emotionally annoying installments!  The campaign included four spots for Instagram and Twitter while participants could share their credit card stories on Itaú Argentina's Instagram feed with the top three chosen by a panel of marketing executives and the utlimate winner chosen by public vote.

Name A Cockroach After Your Ex | Dartmoor Zoo | 2022

In another quirky Valentine's Day campaign aimed squarely at singletons, Dartmoor Zoo offered the chance to name a cockroach after your ex as a unique Valentine's Day gesture. By naming the insect for a £5 donation, you receive a customizable certificate featuring the chosen name. The initiative aimed to first and foremost raise a smile while also offering a therapeutic release of bitterness towards exes, bosses, or anyone causing frustration.