Lady Justice gets mad... plus 4 more creative campaigns that use rage to push our buttons.

Best ads in March series plus a curated pick of past campaigns that use a similar creative approach in some way.

Lady Justice gets mad... plus 4 more creative campaigns that use rage to push our buttons.
Lady Justice Disco AI

Using the power of rage in your ad campaigns can be a devastatingly effective tactic.

Firstly, rage is a powerful emotion that cuts through the clutter. In today's overcrowded media landscape, it's difficult to get people's attention. But anger is an emotion that grabs people by the throat and demands to be heard.

Secondly, rage is a great way to build a sense of tribalism. When people are angry about something, they naturally seek out others who share their frustration. And when you can tap into that anger and give people a sense of belonging, you create a loyal customer base that will stick with you through thick and thin.

Thirdly, rage can be a great way to build brand differentiation. If you can tap into the frustration or annoyance that people have with your industry or product category, you can position yourself as the brand that truly understands their pain and is willing to fight for them.

Finally, rage can be a great way to spur action. When people are angry, they're more likely to take action to address the problem. By tapping into that rage, you can motivate people to buy your product, sign a petition, or take any other action that you desire.

Starting with this belter from Disco, a legal software company, here are 5 campaigns that will leave you or your target audience positively fuming.

Lady Justice | Disco AI

Disco, an AI-powered legal tech company, has introduced Lady Justice, also known as Lady J, as its new brand character. She represents a symbol of morality in judicial systems since ancient Roman times and in the campaign we watch her 'get mad' and destroy books and computers while imploring lawyers to "law better" with Disco's services. The campaign aims to promote Disco's AI-driven tech through digital and social placements, with Lady J standing atop old computers in some ads. Disco's CMO, Tom Furr, said the humorous approach is to highlight the real-life frustrations that lawyers face daily, which Disco can solve.

Raging Banners | VOO

The angry outbursts of online gamers are in endless supply. These outbursts are often directed at the slow internet speeds that cause lag and disrupt their streams on Twitch and other platforms. To communicate the fact that they offer speeds 4x greater than their competitors and to win the hearts and minds of gaming communities, VOO decided to harness the power of these angry outbursts. Their raging banners campaign was activated only when collaborating streamers complained about slow internet. Transforming these outbursts into written ad banners that audiences could see helped highlight that VOO offered a faster option with no lag and no delays.

#ReactAgainstWildlifeTrade | WildAid

The internet has helped the illegal wildlife trade reach new audiences which is leading to the endangerment of more species. To draw attention to this and encourage people to get angry, WildAid produced a series of ads that featured the angry emoji highlighting the part of each endangered animal that they were killed for.

By brazenly outlining exactly how each animal is killed, and suggesting how people should react to it, WildAid hoped to influence purchase behaviour for these illegal animal by-products and help put a stop to the cruel practice of poaching.

#SeeingRed | Hey Girls

1 in 10 women in the UK can’t afford to have their period. Hey Girls aims to end period poverty by gifting a pack of sanitary products for every one pack that they sell. To encourage more people to understand the reality of period poverty – and how they should respond to it – they launched a video inspiring viewers to get angry. Outlining the unfairness of this situation against the backdrop of a jarring, discordant video campaign, the goal was to have people confront the situation and offer them a way to angrily demand change.

The Steel Within | Elegant Steel

In India, the Nari Shaktri festival features nine days of celebrating women. But Elegant Steel wanted to draw attention to the rest of the year when women were mistreated or dismissed. So, they developed a video that encouraged viewers to get angry and unleash the inner steel that women across the country possess. By having one woman lead by example and refusing to remain in the box that society puts her in, she acts as a role model to others. Others attempt to tear her down but still she fights and maintains the nerve she holds inside.