Sure Deodorant goes all in on protection plus...4 more smart campaigns that embrace a higher category.

Sure Deodorant goes all in on protection plus...4 more smart campaigns that embrace a higher category.
Crash Ads

How do you stand out when your category is awash with competitor brands? Or how do you get consumers to listen when your product benefit isn't riveting? Here are a bunch of classic campaigns including one possible 'Hall of Famer' that crossed the category rubicon to either inspire us or make us cry with laughter. Up first, is this classy social media campaign from Sure.

Crash Ads | Sure | AMV BBDO | 2023

Transform product benefit into a contextual higher category. Sure, in collaboration with AMV BBDO, has unveiled a fun campaign that transforms its product benefit of 'nonstop' protection into protective gear that doubles as ads. The initiative brings together Sure and social influencers from around the globe who showcase their skills. In one ad, wheelchair motocross champion Aaron 'Wheelz' Fotheringham uses crash pads imprinted with “nonstop” to perform stunts in his wheelchair. The campaign was inspired by research showing 90% of the population experience self-doubt when facing a new challenge. The campaign leans into this insight by showing the brand literally (doubly) protecting people as they try new things - so hopefully inspiring consumers to surpass their limits.

Bear Fight | John West Tinned Salmon | 1990s

Embrace a higher category rival to reinforce product benefit. John West wanted to raise awareness of how fresh the salmon in its tinned range was.  It could have told authentic real stories about their fisherman (that would come later) but 20 years ago that would have been rather dull. Instead, it leapt from the world of <tinned> salmon into the higher category world of <wild fresh> salmon and found a worthy rival. A ferocious foe its fisherman could stand fist-to-claw with in order to demonstrate its commitment to catching the tastiest, freshest salmon. The rest, as they say, is ad history.

#Trainingfor2032 | Huggies Little Swimmers | Ogilvy | 2018

Embrace higher aspirational category over product category. When summer is upon us, it’s time for everyone to hit the pool or the beach. Even babies who aren't potty trained. But paying for media to articulate the benefits of safe waterproof nappies to parents is costly and dull. Something far more exciting would be to bring out the greatest swimmer of all time and announce that he is training babies (including his own) for the 2032 Olympics. Well, that’s exactly what Huggies did. From <swimming> <nappies> they embraced the higher category world of <swimming> <champions> and got Michael Phelps on board. To launch the campaign, the Olympic Great staged a (faux) press conference with his wife Nicole and son Boomer to announce that he's ready to start training this summer for 2032. Not himself of course, but his son Boomer. “I’m not teaching Boomer to master the butterfly just yet,” he said. “But #Trainingfor2032 includes safe water play that helps build comfort and confidence in the water. I’m partnering with Huggies Little Swimmers because I want all babies to be the best swimmers they can be.” This fake press conference (a trojan horse provocation) was the kickoff point for Huggies to launch an entire Olympic Swimming Training platform for babies for eager parents to access. This brilliant campaign was not only aspirational, it also ‘grew the market’ by making sure nervous parents and caregivers felt comfortable with their children at pools and on beaches all year round.

Kitten College | WHISKAS | AMV BBDO | 2015

Embrace higher aspirational category over product category. Caring for cats is big business and something that WHISKAS is famous for. But how best should it share this knowledge in a way that would engage and stand out? The brand chose an aspirational route. From <kitten> <food> they embraced the higher category world of <top private college> <food> in order playfully educate kitten owners to learn more about kitten care in the cutest (arguably, most authentic) possible way. This allowed them to create a platform that provided owners with a series of online tutorials, designed to be both educational and entertaining.

Too Hot Too Handle | Carl Jnr | 72andSunny | 2017

Embrace higher pop culture category over product category.  Okay, this is a bit of a throwback but it is an example of similar creative thinking. This campaign from 72andSunny showcases the bold and spicy flavors of El Diablo, fast food’s hottest burger. This is done by embracing the higher category of 'hotness' by employing 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Rookie of the Year and Victoria’s Secret model Sara Sampaio.  The ad opens on the Portuguese-born model enjoying a Thickburger El Diablo in a chic ice hotel. After a few bites of the fiery burger, it’s hard for anyone to keep their cool, even in a freezing-cold ice bar and the ice begins to melt around her.