LG fridges solve fridgegazing plus...four more campaigns built around human truths.

LG fridges solve fridgegazing plus...four more campaigns built around human truths.

Positioning a product as the solution to a human truth is one of the staples of good advertising built around empathy and insight. Such campaigns often leave a memorable impression and can take many forms. One of the most popular being fictionally revealing the consequences of the human truth and placing the product as the solution. While another method includes fixing a real life consequence of not having the product benefit. Less used but equally effectively is choosing to dismay an antagonist who was quite happy until your product showed up! Whatever method you choose, ampaigns built around human truths most often leave a memorable impression.

Fridgegazer | LG | TBWA\Chiat\Day New York | 2023

A recent study found that 95% of U.S. adults spend an average of 12 minutes a day staring into their refrigerators without a plan. To address this universal human truth LG released a new ad campaign built on human truth and empathy. Titled "Fridgegazer," and created by TBWA\Chiat\Day New York the ad uses time-lapse technology and a continuous shot to depict a father who has been "fridgegazing" (the human truth) for too long, leading to fun situations. The end of the ad closes on the nifty product reveal - showing that for those with an LG fridge - fridegazing with the door open is a thing of the past.

Just Ask Zoopla | Zoopla  | Lucky Generals | 2022

Reveal the perils of trying to find out what people’s houses are worth without Zoopla. This campaign, created by Lucky Generals, captures the essence of awkwardness and embarrassment in social situations. The ads highlight how people avoid directly asking about property prices (the human truth) due to British politeness, resulting in uncomfortable silences. Zoopla positions itself as the solution to this tension by offering a platform for casual research into property values. The campaign depicts scenarios where the question "How much did you pay for it?" is asked in inappropriate contexts. The ads conclude with Zoopla's familiar voiceover, Diane Morgan, encouraging users to turn to Zoopla for the answer to such awkward questions.

Tattoo DuoOver | Duolingo | BETC | 2022

Give people with misspelled tattoos an opportunity for a tattoo makeover. Language app Duolingo offered people in the UK and France the opportunity to fix tattoos that had been badly translated into another language. Applicants were encouraged to post a photo of their dodgy tat on social media for a free Duolingo trial and a chance to win some new ink.

Cheers with No Alchohol | Heineken 0.0 | Publicis | 2022

Give permission for people to join in when drinking zero alcohol drinks. In this 2022 campaign, Heineken 0.0 highlighted historical moments when it was socially unacceptable to toast without alcohol. The global campaign, titled "Cheers with No Alcohol. Now You Can," promoted the idea that (now finally) everyone can participate in social moments, regardless of whether they are drinking or not, through alcohol-free beer. The ad takes viewers through different time periods, showing individuals excluded from toasting (the human truth) due to their non-alcoholic beverages. The ad concludes in the present day, where Heineken 0.0 finally includes those who choose not to drink.

And for a slightly different angle...

Richard The Raccoon | Goodfood | John St | 2023

Turn an angry raccoon who doesn’t get food scraps anymore into a way to say that meal kits create less waste. John St. and Canadian meal kit service, Goodfood, took a novel approach to address the issue of food waste in Canada. With 58% of food being wasted in the country, Goodfood's meal kits aim to reduce this waste. But (sadly) not everyone is hoping they will succeed. In their 30-second commercial aired during the Oscars, they introduced a furry, loveable raccoon named Richard as an antagonist who is annoyed with Goodfood for eliminating the food scraps he relies on. This is the human truth (or rather furry truth) that underpins this fun campaign.  .