Insure now, pay when you're dead plus...four more innovative payment scheme campaigns.

Insure now, pay when you're dead plus...four more innovative payment scheme campaigns.

Brands are continuously seeking novel ways to captivate consumers and build lasting connections. One area where innovation is making significant strides is in the realm of payment schemes. From payment schemes that correlate behaviour to a payment incentive, bridge the physical-digital divide or substitute currency for something more useful/attention-grabbing, the below campaigns are great examples of brands exploring such unconventional payment approaches.  First up, the most deferred payment scheme in the history of marketing.

Buy Now Pay When Dead | Hell Pizza | Yarn | 2023

Tapping into the ubiquitous buy now, pay later retail promotion, Hell Pizza, a New Zealand-based pizza chain, has launched a subversive marketing campaign called "Afterlife Pay" in partnership with advertising agency Yarn. The campaign allows customers to enjoy their pizza without paying for it until they die. Customers can sign up for the campaign through an online application process, and if approved, they receive a unique QR code. The QR code is engraved on a tombstone-shaped pizza paddle, which the customers can use to order pizzas from Hell Pizza. The campaign aims to engage customers in a fun way, while also promoting the brand's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Amen to that!

Urban Miner | Elkjøp Nordic | Nord DDB | 2022

Give customers in-game currency in return for unwanted electronics. In 2022, approximately 37 million tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) have already been discarded, and the e-waste stream grows by over 2 million tonnes annually. Elkjøp Nordic, the leading consumer electronics retailer in the Nordic countries, aims to promote electronic recycling to foster a sustainable industry. Partnering with Nord DDB, Oslo, they launched Urban Miner, an initiative in collaboration with Microsoft's Minecraft. Players in the Nordics can bring their old electronics to Elkjøp, Elgiganten, or Gigantti stores to recycle them and earn in-game currency called Minecoins. The campaign features films, digital and cinema advertisements, showcasing Minecraft characters "mining" old devices. By tapping into Minecraft's massive player base, Elkjøp Nordic aims to engage new audiences and emphasize the importance of recycling. The initiative combines sustainability, creativity, and popular culture, bringing the virtual world to aid the real world.

Buy With Your Time | Ikea | Memac Ogilvy | 2021

Correlate the distance travelled to IKEA with an equivalent discount in-store. It’s often said that time is money and nowhere is this more true than in IKEA Dubai’s campaign. IKEA acknowledged that it can take a lot of time for potential customers to get to a store due to its out-of-town location which could put customers off visiting. Their campaign embraced this barrier to purchase and turned the distance travelled by a customer into a positive. By turning the time the customer’s journey took into something of monetary value, the customer could then feel the value of making a long journey to visit. By acknowledging a problem and turning the issue into a positive, IKEA was able to eliminate one of the reasons a customer may choose not to visit by rewarding the customer for making the effort.

Protect Paradise | Corona | Wieden + Kennedy | 2020

Turn plastic into a way to pay for beer. Corona is synonymous with paradise. And as paradise was getting destroyed by plastic waste it needed to empower its drinkers to care more and do more. To make it as easy as possible for everyone to get involved they offered multiple ways to make an impact - from simply buying Corona to participating in beach clean ups. To mark World Ocean’s Day, they encouraged people to turn their plastic into free beer. When they recycled their plastic at a dedicated hub, they got tokens for free beer! By doing this, and partnering with Parley for the Oceans, they raised awareness of the issue and inspired people to help on a huge scale, resulting in 1.26B earned media impressions, and most importantly, over 8 million metres of beaches cleaned.

Paytm Sweet Change | Paytm | McCann | 2017

Turn India's change problem into a sweet deal for shopkeepers and customers with paytm. India is a cash economy, and therefore there's always the problem of change. So shopkeepers tend to give candy when there's a shortfall, which often means customers losing one, two, five or even ten bucks. So Paytm, an e-wallet brand, launched another candy - Paytm Sweet Change, which allows customers to redeem for actual currency.  Problem solved!