Welch Fruit Snacks tells kids sometimes 'stealing is okay' plus...6 more creative book campaigns.

A snapshot look at a trending campaign with a curated pick of past campaigns that use a similar creative approach in some way.

Welch Fruit Snacks tells kids sometimes 'stealing is okay' plus...6 more creative book campaigns.

We've all been brought up to know that stealing is wrong but Welch's Fruit Snacks disagrees. Well, sort of. Based on the insight that parents everywhere 'steal' their children's snacks - Welch's Fruit Snacks aims to position itself as a snack for all the family with the launch of a playful storybook with a wonderfully subversive message.

The book titled, "Sometimes It's Not Stealing," conveys the importance of sharing through vibrant illustrations and a cheerful narrative. It emphasizes situations where stealing is unacceptable, except for Welch's Fruit Snacks, playfully highlighting that it's acceptable when parents indulge. The book is narrated by actor Kristin Chenoweth and can be purchased online or downloaded as a free e-book via a QR code on specially marked packaging.

Plus, here are 6 more incredibly creative campaigns featuring books.

The AlphaButt Book | Huggies | Quality Meats | 2023

Celebrate the diversity of baby butts and body shapes with a picture book. Huggies created The AlphaButt Book showcasing the A-to-Z’s of baby butt and body shapes, from avocado butts to jiggly jelly butts to pillowy butts - and more.  To launch the book, the brand partnered with various social influencers, including TikTok ‘mama of two’ sensation Abbie Herbert, using the hashtag #HuggiesBabyButts.

The Unburnable Book | Penguin Random House | Rethink | 2022

Create a one-of-a-kind edition of The Handmaid's Tale that is impossible to burn, to demonstrate that powerful ideas should never be extinguished.

The Gun Violence History Book | Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence | FCB | 2019

Reimagine America's gun violence as a ridiculously thick book to educate voters. America has struggled with gun violence for over two centuries, fuelled by a dangerous loophole that means proper background checks are sometimes not carried out. A book of nearly 850 pages of America’s history with guns was created to illustrate the need for universal background checks. An accompanying video showed how the book could help literally stop a bullet.

The Tampon Book | The Female Company | Scholz&Friends | 2019

Make the unfair tampon tax unignorable to German politicians by creating a Tampon Book that is without the tax. In Germany most luxury goods such as caviar or oil paintings are taxed at a reduced rate of 7% while tampons were taxed at 19%. While this is clearly unfair, German politicians refused to take notice. So, The Female Company revealed the absurdity of the status quo by turning a tampon into a product that is only taxed at 7%. The result was The Tampon Book, a book that sold tampons hidden inside it in order to avoid the sexist tax. Needless to say the press had a field day and the tampon tax was later abolished.

Penny The Pirate | OPSM | Saatchi & Saatchi | 2016

Disguise a children's book as an eye test to check for vision issues. Australian opticians OPSM designed a clever book and app to help spot vision problems in kids. Simple vision tests are woven into the story so kids’ eyes can be checked by parents as they read the stories together. Over 126,000 parents ordered copies of the book and the app has been used to test around 300,000 children.

Mein Kampf Against Racism | Gesicht Zeigen! | Ogilvy | 2016

Reimagine Mein Kampf as a counter-book against racism. When the copyright for Mein Kampf expired in 2016, it made it legal to print the book in Germany again. In order to provide another point of view and counter the troubling fascist text, Ogilvy & Mather collected the stories of eleven people who fought racism in a book called Mein Kampf Against Racism. With a cover that resembled the original, the book became a controversial talking point