Schmackos invent a simple test to know if your dog is an imposter plus...4 more slightly more serious tests in disguise.

Schmackos invent a simple test to know if your dog is an imposter plus...4 more slightly more serious tests in disguise.

Dog Test Kits | Schmackos | adam&eveDDB | 2023

adam&eveDDB and Schmackos opted to remind Australians that their dogs have been enjoying Smackos for decades. So, to do they introduced the Dog Test Kit, a 'revolutionary tool' for determining whether an Australian's pet is truly a dog. The simple test involved giving the fuBrry friend a Schmackos treat and observing their reaction. Genuine dogs would go wacko for the treat, while imposters would show indifference. The fun campaign has proved a big hit enticing over 15,000 dog owners Down Under to order their own Dog Test Kit (cough Schmackos!)!

Now for some slightly more serious tests in disguise....

Quest For Dyslexia | Samsung | Cheil | 2022

Disguise method for detecting dyslexia in children as a video game to overcome parental embarrassment in China. Detecting dyslexia can be challenging, and the situation becomes even more difficult when it comes to Chinese parents who feel too embarrassed to take their children to a test centre. To address this issue, Samsung and its partner agency Cheil brought the test to them by leveraging a game they already enjoy playing. In the case of dyslexics, recognizing the shapes of Chinese characters poses a significant challenge, often resulting in confusion between words that share similar shapes. So to identify dyslexia, a set of over 100 commonly-mistaken words, were used to redesign gaming quests that the children already played. Other than that, nothing about the quests changed. This "hacked" game then served as an effective tool for early detection. Parents could conveniently assess their children's abilities by simply letting them play the game. By merging fun and assessment, the stigma of testing for dyslexia was taken away.

Hearing Test In Disguise | Chochlear | CHE Proximity | 2017

Disguise an advert as a hearing test in order to address people’s denial. Cochlear, the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, launched a campaign to raise awareness about hearing loss in Australia. The campaign featured a heartwarming video focused on a couple. The film was uniquely crafted to have two different endings. For those that heard well, it would appear the couple’s relationship remains intact. But for those hard of hearing - it would appear that couple’s relationship ended. Targeting an audience that was in denial about their hearing loss; the campaign basically gave unknowing viewers a hearing test!

Sea Hero Quest | Deutsche Telekom | Saatchi & Saatchi | 2016

Challenge gamers to play a mobile game that provides scientists with data to help fight dementia. Deutsche Telekom launched Sea Hero Quest, an innovative multi-platform mobile game to enhance our understanding of spatial navigation and the brain's functionality, aiming to combat dementia. By creating a global benchmark for navigation, the game contributed to the development of diagnostic tests and the potential treatment of dementia. But the truly innovative and fun bit, of course, was that it was a game. Just two minutes of playtime equated to five hours of conventional research, making a significant impact on dementia research.

Penny The Pirate | OPSM | Saatchi & Saatchi | 2016

Disguise a children's book as an eye test to check for vision issues. Australian opticians OPSM designed a clever book and app to help spot vision problems in kids. Simple vision tests are woven into the story so kids’ eyes can be checked by parents as they read the stories together. Over 126,000 parents ordered copies of the book and the app has been used to test around 300,000 children.