Tesco gives customers the gift of time plus...5 more recent campaigns that brilliantly dramatise the product benefit.

A snapshot look at a trending campaign with a curated pick of past campaigns that use a similar creative approach in some way.

Tesco gives customers the gift of time plus...5 more recent campaigns that brilliantly dramatise the product benefit.

With products ubiquitous across the world, how on earth can you make what you're selling stand out from the crowd? While the sheer array and arsenal of creative tactics, social platforms, and technological wizardry have exploded - time and again brands return to the age-old principle of dramatising a key product benefit in the most entertaining or extreme way possible.

In the new 'Can We? We Can' campaign for Tesco Click+Collect we see these trusted principles in action as the benefit of Click+Collect customers being free to spend their day as they please is wonderfully brought to life with this heartwarming story of a boy asking his father if they can do something fun the next day, while his father is using the Tesco Click+Collect option for his weekly shop. The answer, of course, they can...

Here are five more 2023 examples:

Ready When You Aren't | Ritz Crackers | VCCP London | 2023

Dramatise the ultra convenience of Ritz as the perfect hors d’oeuvre for any occasion by mining the familiar nightmare scenario of when guests arrive early for a party and the hosts are caught off guard.  Thank goodness for Ritz...

Get Out There | Easyjet | VCCP | 2023

Dramatise the joy of travel and escapism by transforming famous tourist objects into travel influencers.  And who better to figurehead such a campaign than Mona Lisa et al? They've essentially been stuck in one place for hundreds of years - it's about time they got to travel the world!

Goat Glider | Virgin | VCCP  2023|

Dramatise the unstoppable power of Virgin Media's broadband with the story of a goat - with an unstoppable spirit -  who leaves his stumbling herd behind to take to the skies in a hang glider. The perfect story metaphor to communicate Virgin's market-leading WiFi Guarantee that will help customers truly feel like they can 'reach new heights' and do anything in life.

Join The Flip Side (2) | Samsung Galaxy | Wieden + Kennedy | 2023

Dramatize the sheer terror [Apple iPhone] owners have when they see other people using a Samsung flip phone and use this emotional conceit to communicate that switching phones is nothing to be afraid of.

Battery For Miles | Apple | 2023

Dramatize Apple's long-lasting battery life with a story using a slightly freakish (hat tip Jonah Sachs) protagonist who is most in need of such a benefit whilst doing something familiar such as driving a tractor slowly.

Plus, an additional bonus series of ads from Apple - the undisputed masters of dramatising the product benefits of their products in the most entertaining of ways.

The Greatest | Apple Smartphone | 2022

Dramatize Apple's accessibility features by showing they can be used by people with disabilities in an uplifting and pop cultural fashion.

Haystack | Apple iPhone | 2021

Dramatize Apple's ability to easily locate your lost iPhone by using an extreme version of the familiar 'needle in a haystack' scenario to draw the viewer in.

Bounce | Apple iPods | 2019

Dramatize in exaggerated fashion how much more free and fun life is when you use AirPods using a powerful storytelling metaphor.

Data Auction | Apple | 2022

Dramatize the disastrous consequences of not being protected by the security product benefits of having an Apple iPhone.

Welcome Home | Apple HomePod | 2018

Dramatize the moment between the Ordinary World of a rainy commute home to the brand gateway moment of turning on an Apple Homepod and escaping into an exciting world of music.

Unlock With A Look | Apple | 2018

Dramatize in a fun exaggerated fashion the discovery (gateway moment) of what's possible when you can unlock with a look in a setting familiar to the target audience.