Grind highlights its smaller environmental impact with mini billboards plus...4 more campaigns that go tiny.

Grind highlights its smaller environmental impact with mini billboards plus...4 more campaigns that go tiny.

In advertising, sometimes it pays to go small. When playing with size, one of the most common approaches is to use the media purchased or the stunt product created as a media metaphor for the brand's benefit. This is the approach of the recently released Grind campaign for its smaller environmental impact in comparison to its rivals. However, it's not the only approach as some of the other clever campaigns in this post will demonstrate.  

Mini Billboards | Grind | Among Equals | 2023

Grind has launched a mini-billboard campaign in London, creatively celebrating its eco-friendly approach. Among Equals created the campaign, featuring small static billboards - a media metaphor approach - scattered throughout the city. The fun campaign highlights Grind's commitment to sustainability, mainly through its home-compostable coffee pods. These pods provide an alternative to the traditional plastic and aluminum ones available in the UK market. Positioned near Grind café locations, the campaign is accompanied by a social competition.

The World's Smallest Billboards | Magiclean | Ogilvy | 2022

MagiClean promises to kill 99.9% of bacteria giving us reassurance that the places we need to be clean like kitchen counters - will be. To promote the brand's benefit, Ogilvy created a series of billboards. However, it didn't create them for us humans. Instead the agency targeted these billboards to get the attention of the smallest living beings - the bacteria on the counter! Thus the World's Smallest Billboard series was created containing messages such as "99.9% Chance You're Gonna Die", and "Game Over Fusobacterium".  

XXXs Condom | Eco House | Founders | 2023

In 2021, Dr. Shanna Swan's published a study that revealed the alarming impact of pollution on genital development, fertility rates, and an "existential crisis" for humanity. Or in short, she came to the conclusion penis sizes are shrinking! To address this issue, creative agency Founders and sustainability organization Eco House launched an awareness campaign called XXXs. This attention-grabbing approach led to the creation of the world's smallest condom, featuring the slogan "Save the dicks of tomorrow from the dicks of today." Through satire, the campaign aimed to highlight the grave threat pollution poses to the human species and through the campaign's website encouraged donations to the NGO's climate change fund.

One Drop Bottle | Pril | TBWA\ | 2016

It only takes one drop of Pril to wash a set of dishes. That was always Pril's successful claim until Fairy, the market leader started promising the same and started taking away Pril's market share. To overcome this challenge, TBWA\ chose to "go small" bringing the brand's original claim to life literally. The Pril One-Drop bottle was a miniature marvel that packed the exact power of its full-sized counterpart into a tiny package the size of a fingernail. These exclusive one-drop bottle samples were then distributed across leading UAE supermarkets over the course of a month, reminding Middle Eastern homemakers of the undeniable power of Pril. The campaign was a big success and helped the brand win back market share from Fairy.

The Tiniest Listing | Cook County Hospital | Ogilvy | 2018

In Chicago, 1 in every 10 babies is born prematurely (based on 2016 editorial). These babies must spend the first days, weeks, and sometimes months of their lives inside an incubator where a single night’s stay can cost nearly $4,000. More than half of premature births in the United States are covered by Medicaid, which doesn’t always cover the full cost of care, and hospitals do not receive additional funding for specialized NICU equipment, leaving hospitals to raise this money themselves. Rising to the challenge, Ogilvy developed this touch campaign which transformed an incubator into an online listing that people could book on behalf of a premature baby. The listing described all the life-saving amenities an incubator provides, helping to create awareness and raise funds for the work done by the Cook County Health and Hospitals System. The 3.4-square-foot one-bedroom apartment was advertised in the classified sections of local newspapers and on major online rental sites, for $4,000 a night.