Survive the great outdoors with the Ford Bronco plus...4 more campaigns that parody TV shows and characters.

Survive the great outdoors with the Ford Bronco plus...4 more campaigns that parody TV shows and characters.
Ford Bronco Survival Spoof

According to well-informed sources, humour in advertising is in freefall with most blame being pinned on po-faced purpose-driven campaigns and the message-orientated style of online ads.  Such well-informed sources invariably go on to point out through a deluge of dull statistics that this is a disaster because humour is the most powerful way to connect with people. I would concur. And to do my bit to promote more humorous ads, here are a bunch of campaigns that parody well-known TV show tropes and characters.

Survival | Northwest Ford Dealers | GTB | 2023

This recent campaign by GTB for Ford dealers in the Pacific Northwest is perfect for those who enjoy watching people freak out alone in the wilderness. The campaign features three spots that initially resemble the tense moments on shows like "Alone," where contestants face isolation and potential danger. However, a surprising twist quickly provides relief, unlike the desperate situations faced by the show's participants. Shot in Gresham, Oregon, and the Columbia River Gorge, the ads feature local actors and effectively utilize the well-established tropes of survival shows, particularly relevant to the Pacific Northwest region. The campaign aims to showcase the off-road capabilities of Ford vehicles while highlighting the breathtaking scenery of the Pacific Northwest. With a touch of flair, this unique advertising approach appeals to the adventurous nature of customers in the region.

Unseen Housewives | Unchained At Last | Area 23 | 2023

Nonprofit organization Unchained at Last, in collaboration with agency partner Area 23, created a short video titled "Unseen Housewives" to shed light on the enduring issue of child marriage in the United States. The video, resembling the opening credits of 'Desperate Housewives' reveals a darker side with its tagline, "twice the drama, half the age." Child brides, portrayed by actors, share their unglamorous lives, highlighting a reality that is more prevalent than many Americans realize. With child marriage still legal in 43 states, the campaign's ambition was to cut through the noise and raise awareness about this issue by connecting it to American culture and the obsession with reality shows.

Breaking Good | Pop Corners | 2023

Bryan Cranston's Walter White and Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman join forces once again, six years after the "Breaking Bad" finale. In a Super Bowl commercial for PopCorners, the duo reunites in the iconic RV from the show to cook up a batch of air-popped snacks. While Jesse enthusiastically praises the PopCorners chips, Walter reminds him that they shouldn't consume their own product. Jesse suggests that everyone will want to try them and proposes talking to a specific person. They visit their early-season distributor, Tuco Salamanca (Raymond Cruz), who, after tasting the samples, demands seven flavors instead of six, expressing his approval with the words "Tight! Tight! Tight!" The ad ends with Tuco joyfully proclaiming their future snacking endeavors together.

MILF & Cookies | Jimmy John's | VaynerMedia | 2023

Jimmy John's enticed chocolate enthusiasts on Valentine's Day with the launch of their limited-time sweet treat, the red velvet cookie. To celebrate this delicious creation, the sandwich chain partnered with Yung Gravy, a multi-platinum rapper, TikTok sensation, and self-proclaimed admirer of older women, to redefine the term "MILF" as "Mums I'd Like to FEED." Yung Gravy released a humorous reality show-style video to commemorate the event. In the video, he comically awards the coveted red velvet cookie to his favourite MILF, surprising viewers with the winner. Crafted with top-notch ingredients, the red velvet cookie maintains Jimmy John's commitment to quality while the collaboration with Yung Gravy aligns with the brand’s strategy of offering innovative menu items that delight their customers.

David Hasselhoff & SodaStream to the rescue | Sodastream | 2022

SodaStream, the leading brand in sparkling water makers, went above and beyond in its commitment to the planet by dedicating the entire month of April to Earth Day celebrations. At the core of their campaign was a promise to save one million baby sea turtles from plastic pollution in the oceans through a partnership with SEE Turtles, a global charity focused on sea turtle protection. To launch this initiative, SodaStream enlisted the help of renowned actor David Hasselhoff, known for his role in Baywatch. In the campaign video, Hasselhoff reprised his lifeguard character, but this time his mission was to save turtles from plastic pollution and encourage viewers to join the cause. The video featured a 3D animated turtle and even included a surprise appearance by Hasselhoff's stunt double, who took on the iconic slow-motion running scene! By consistently promoting its mission to care for the planet, SodaStream hopes to inspire individuals to make small changes that will have a significant impact on the environment.