See what a predatory monster thinks of current privacy laws plus...5 more antagonist perspectives to leverage.

A snapshot look at a trending campaign with a curated pick of past campaigns that use a similar creative approach in some way.

See what a predatory monster thinks of current privacy laws plus...5 more antagonist perspectives to leverage.

ChildFund's new campaign, crafted by social impact agency WRTHY, highlights the growing issue of online child sexual exploitation and takes tech companies to task for overlooking it. The campaign features an unsettling monster inspired by victim drawings, representing hidden predators leading seemingly normal lives. Using an unnerving first-person antagonist perspective the campaign carries an emotional punch.

It criticizes the lack of proactive measures to identify and remove sexual abuse material online. While platforms must report known abuse, they are not obligated to actively search for it, and face no penalties for delayed removal. WRTHY executives argue that the availability of cheap cloud storage and broadband has made it easier for predators, stating in the close: “It’s never been a better time to be a monster.”

Here are five more campaigns that leverage antagonists; some of them are fun, some of them are emotionally powerful - all of them are super smart.

OREO Thins Protection Program | OREOS | The Community | 2022

Disguise [TheProduct] to make it undesirable to [Antagonists]: Disguise OREO Thins as items kids are not interested in so adults can outsmart them and hide the biscuits in plain sight.

The Lost Class | Change The Ref | Leo Burnett | 2021

Invite an [Antagonist] under false pretences: Invite a pro-gun ambassador under false pretences to give a student talk to the dead victims of gun crime.

The Foolitzer Prizes | E-farsas | Leo Burnett | 2019

Give [Antagonists] the one thing they don't want: Give the spreaders of fake news the one thing they don't want - the spotlight.

Through The Eyes Of A Shooter | Sandy Hook Promise | BBDO | 2018

Reveal the perspective of the [Antagonist]: Reveal the dangers of missing the warning signs of a potential school shooter by showing the world through his eyes.

Grandma Hackers | Stofa | Klara&Boas | 2016

Challenge the most absurd [Antagonist] to show how easy [TheProblem] is: Challenge grandmas - the most absurd cyberhackers you can imagine - to hack their grandkids online to show how easy it is.