Marc Jacobs iconic Tote Bag squeezes into New York plus...six more classic bag campaigns.

A snapshot look at a trending campaign with a curated pick of past campaigns that use a similar creative approach in some way.

Marc Jacobs iconic Tote Bag squeezes into New York plus...six more classic bag campaigns.

Marc Jacobs partnered with Los Angeles-based design studio Playlab Inc to bring The Tote Bag gigantically to life by squeezing it perfectly between a couple of buildings in a typical New York City neighborhood.

Viewed at a creative level it's certainly a magnificent piece of highly Instagrammable street art and its street-cred credentials soared even higher when - before being deflated - the bag was transformed with some graffiti by the artist Shaun Crawford.  

On a slightly sour note - the stunt did come in for some flak from the green lobby who criticized the enormous quantity of plastic needed to produce a simple advertisement.

Plus here are six more wildly different bag stunts and campaigns:

Frakta Bag Oxford Street | IKEA | 2023

Ikea recently in the summer unveiled a 128ft by 62ft version of its iconic blue Frakta carrier bag covering the scaffolding as part of a stunt to announce the opening of its new Oxford Street store in London.

Embarrassing Plastic Bags | East West Market | Rethink | 2020

Punish shoppers who forget to bring in their reusable bag by giving them an embarrassing one instead- a reason they will never forget!

World's Toughest Bags | Glad Bags | FCB | 2018

Embrace the worst baggage control airports in America to demonstrate how tough Glad trash bags are.

Unforgettable Bag | Tesco | Grey Malaysia | 2018

Give shoppers a discount when they reuse their shopping bags to reduce plastic waste.

Safety Bags | Tesco | Cheil | 2017

Reimagine a plastic bag to contain chemicals to destroy harmful pesticides on fruit and veg.

Behind The Leather | PETA | Ogilvy | 2017

Reveal the suffering of exotic animals by turning the inside of luxurious seductive leather bags (and other products) into animal flesh.