Florence gets fruity to promote its app plus...5 more campaigns that use crude double-entendres to emotionally cut through.

A snapshot look at a trending campaign with a curated pick of past campaigns that use a similar creative approach in some way.

Florence gets fruity to promote its app plus...5 more campaigns that use crude double-entendres to emotionally cut through.

VCCP Media and Snap Ldn have launched their first campaign for Florence, a technology company that connects social care managers with nurses, carers and support workers, filling shifts quickly and easily through their free app.

The bold “We give a shift” campaign speaks directly – in an emotive way that’s easy to understand - to the stresses and problems faced by busy care managers, who are looking for a better alternative to filling their shifts than using traditional recruitment companies. For them, the everyday and practical challenges of their job are at the forefront of their minds, so the campaign steers clear of the politics of an understaffed industry and addresses – via fruity double-entendres - their very real and everyday staffing problems.

And here are five more...

See You Next Tuesday | Taco Bell | 2023

Fast food chain Taco Bell celebrated “Taco Tuesday” in the UK by putting a positive spin on a common slur on a billboard. The tongue-in-cheek OOH and social campaign is designed to stop us in our tracks, and only in the fine print do we find out why it seems like we’re being insulted on a billboard. Or rather, we quickly discover the campaign's intent! For £2, customers can treat themselves for a taco and a soft drink every Tuesday. And, in a time of economic crisis, two quid for a meal is an absolute steal. And there's nothing insulting about that.

About Flushing Time | Fluus | Mother | 2023

Proudly reveal Fluus’ mission to stop the blockages in pipes, microplastics in waterways, and permanent waste caused by period products with the use of the direct fruity strapline, #AboutFlushingTime.

Jeremy Clarkson is a F***er | Clarkson's Farm TV Series | Amazon Prime | 2022

Playing on the polarising nature of Jeremy Clarkson, the agency behind this campaign to launch his new Amazon TV series called him the f-word on billboards across the UK, Netherlands, and the Nordics. And only when the public’s curiosity peaked, was the reveal made on a new set of billboards that revealed he had, in fact, become a 'Farmer'. This set of billboards showed him resplendent in a flat cap next to a sheep.

DTF | OK Cupid | Wieden+Kennedy | 2018

Reclaim a negative dirty acronym into a rallying cry for the possibilities of online dating.

Ship My Pants |Kmart | FCB | 2015

Embrace a vulgar play on words to create a funny (viral) ad that reinforces K-Mart's new (at the time) online sales features.