Door Dash launches Wordle of the day tie-up plus...4 more innovative discount coupon campaigns.

A snapshot look at a trending campaign with a curated pick of past campaigns that use a similar creative approach in some way.

Door Dash launches Wordle of the day tie-up plus...4 more innovative discount coupon campaigns.

Wordle Of The Day Discounts | DoorDash | Wavemaker | 2023

Wordle, the popular daily word puzzle game, has become a global phenomenon with over two billion plays in 2022. Now, The New York Times has integrated ads into Wordle, with DoorDash as one of the launch sponsors. On the mobile web version, users will encounter video and display ads after clicking "Play" and before the game loads. DoorDash has cleverly utilized Wordle as a discount coupon platform, offering a 75% discount using Wordle's word of the day as a promo code every Wednesday. Alongside this, DoorDash has launched an ad campaign from July 3 to August 16, featuring skippable videos that promote their subscription service and other deals. The partnership aims to introduce DoorDash's subscription service to a new audience, facilitated by Wavemaker, DoorDash's media agency.

I See Coke | Coca Cola | VMLY&R Z | 2022

Product placement in movies means that every so often, a Coca-Cola is seen onscreen. The brand decided to harness this and tie it together with the power of Alexa to engage people who watched content at home. A discount code was up for grabs if people said ‘Alexa, I see Coke’ when they saw a Coca-Cola onscreen. The campaign engaged fans through Instagram, tapping into the influencer market. The unique voice-activation of the campaign aimed to shorten the path from awareness to conversion, leveraging the relationship people have with the brand in the setting of watching movies.

Focus Face Off Lens | Goldfish | Zulu Alpha Kilo | 2021

To help launch the Kravin’ Ketchup Goldfish, the cracker company created a Snapchat lens that helps users unlock a discount code. The AR lens requires users to focus their attention on a Goldfish cracker on their screen for nine seconds. The brand chose nine seconds to see how people’s attention span compares to a real goldfish. The lens is the first in Canada to use facial mesh technology to work out when users break focus by looking away, tapping their phone or blinking. The longer that players can stay focused on the cracker without getting distracted, the higher their score.

Spot The Biker | Gorillas | Dude | 2021

Grocery delivery service Gorillas created an exciting activation that aimed to prove that its delivery drivers are ‘faster than you’ in Italy. Gorillas promises to deliver food and groceries within 10 minutes of an order being received. To turn grocery buying into an activity that is fun and sustainable, a week-long campaign was launched in Milan. Each of the service’s 70 bikers carried a discount code that changed every day and could offer up to 90% off orders. All members of the public had to do was catch up to one of the bikers so that they could take a picture of the code and upload it on their next order.

VAR Discounts | Elgiganten | Nord DDB | 2019

Every time a VAR call was made by the refereee, Nordish retailer Elgiganten promoted online a television with a discount attached; the size of the discount correlating to the time the VAR call was requested in the match. After all, the referee makes a handy TV shaped sign with their fingers to call for VAR, so it is perfect what they wanted to advertise! This clever campaign turned the dead irritating time in a football match into a benefit for their business that caught their audience’s attention in a clever way.