Polaroid celebrates the beauty of 'Real Life' and 7 more campaigns that embrace imperfections.

A snapshot look at a trending campaign with a curated pick of past campaigns that use a similar creative approach in some way.

Polaroid celebrates the beauty of 'Real Life' and 7 more campaigns that embrace imperfections.

Real Life | Polaroid | 2023

To celebrate the launch of its second generation Now and Now+ instant cameras this summer, Polaroid has tapped emerging and established photographers to take their gadgets for a spin. The "Real Life" campaign celebrates their experimentation in art, with the photographers capturing life's strange, chaotic, or mundane moments, embracing life's imperfections. Using Polaroid Now cameras, the campaign explores four themes: "Real life is having to wait," "Real life is making the most of dots & marks," "Real life is uncontrollable color," and "Real life is unintentional beauty." Despite the digital age, polaroids maintain popularity for their charm and artistry and this campaign doubles down by focusing on what makes life unique for everyone through the perfect imperfections of everyday life.

Plus, 7 more campaigns that play with the idea of imperfection.

Perfectly Imperfect Parenting | Babyganics | Red & Co | 2021

Embrace the imperfections of parenting, knowing full well that for every fulfilling moment there are many more that are hard, exhausting, or messy.

Find Your Oasis | Oasis | LG2 | 2021

Position the brand's different juice products as part of the messy everyday of family life to build an emotional connection with the target audience.

The Perfect Kitchen For Imperfect Chefs | Brastemp | FCB | 2021

Embrace the limited culinary masterpieces of imperfect everyday chefs to reassure them that no matter how small their repertoire of meals they can prepare is, they too deserve a perfect kitchen to cook them in.

Win What You See | Cheetos | Goodby Silverstein & Partners | 2019

Celebrate brand imperfections by turning them into prizes to drive engagement and word of mouth via social.

Go With The Fake | Diesel | Publicis | 2018

Embrace the trend of knock-off bootleg clothing by creating a deliberately fake imperfect line of brand clothing and selling it via a pop-up stall.

Viva La Vulva | Libresse | AMV BBDO | 2018

Celebrate the extraordinary diversity of vulvas to tackle a taboo topic and show that there is no one perfect vulva. There are billions.

Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables | Intermarche | Marcel | 2014

Embrace the imperfect physical flaws of ugly fruit and veg to reassure French shoppers that such wonky-looking produce is absolutely delicious.