Impossible Food waxes lyrical about plant-based food plus...4 more big musical campaigns.

Impossible Food waxes lyrical about plant-based food plus...4 more big musical campaigns.

It seems more and more brands are dipping their toe into the world of musicals to engage customers, demonstrate product benefits, and generally generate buzz. Skittles 'Broadway The Rainbow' hit the boards for one night with its stinging - tongue firmly in cheek - rebuke to commercialism. Taco Bell collaborated with Doja Cat and Dolly Parton for the "Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Musical," celebrating their discontinued item. While Bharat BillPay launched a film-led musical campaign reshaping payment habits and Apple shot a whole Hindu musical on its iPhone...just to prove you can! And joining this ensemble is Impossible Foods with their Tony Awards tie-in spot.

Making Meat History | Impossible Foods | Super Serious | 2023

Impossible Foods, the plant-based meat company, is making a splash at the Tony Awards this year by debuting a musical-themed tv spot. The ad, titled "Burgers and Broadway," aims to promote the company's mission to create a sustainable and environmentally-friendly food system. The two-minute spot features a cast of talented performers enthusiastically singing and dancing in full gusto about the benefits of plant-based food and specifically the Impossible Burger can have on the planet.  The puntastic musical is accompanied by vibrant visuals and catchy lyrics and the spot feels right at home amongst the Tony Awards.

Fursat | Apple iPhone | TBWA\Media Arts Lab | 2023

TBWA\Media Arts Lab made waves in the advertising industry with a groundbreaking achievement: creating a 30-minute Hindi cinema musical filmed entirely on iPhone. The innovative production, titled "Shot on iPhone: The Musical," showcased the remarkable capabilities of the iPhone as a versatile filmmaking tool. Directed by renowned filmmaker Gurinder Chadha, known for her acclaimed work in movies like "Bend It Like Beckham," the musical offered a captivating blend of stunning visuals, compelling storytelling, and mesmerizing musical performances. By pushing the boundaries of creativity, TBWA\Media Arts Lab not only demonstrated the accessibility and potential of mobile filmmaking but also highlighted the power and versatility of the iPhone's camera. This groundbreaking project stood as a testament to the limitless possibilities of creativity when equipped with the right tools.

Mexican Pizza The Musical | TacoBell | Deutsch LA | 2022

Taco Bell, in a surprising collaboration, joined forces with musical superstars Doja Cat and Dolly Parton to deliver a truly unique and captivating experience. Titled "Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Musical," this online production took viewers on a delightful journey filled with captivating visuals, infectious melodies, and an engaging storyline. The musical aimed to celebrate Taco Bell's cherished menu item, the Mexican Pizza, which unfortunately has been discontinued. Through this extraordinary spectacle, Taco Bell paid homage to the beloved dish and invited audiences to relish in its cheesy splendor once more. With the combined star power of Doja Cat and Dolly Parton, the musical successfully captivated fans and generated a wave of excitement across social media platforms. Audiences eagerly secured their virtual front-row seats and indulged in this sensational musical extravaganza, merging fast food and pop culture in a truly delectable and entertaining manner.

Broadway The Rainbow | Skittles | DDB Chicago | 2019

Skittles made a creative and unconventional move during the 2019 Super Bowl by debuting a musical performance featuring Michael C. Hall. Titled "Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical," the show was performed only once in front of a live audience rather than being broadcasted on television. The quirky production showcased the absurdity of traditional advertising and poked fun at the commercialization of the Super Bowl. The musical's storyline revolved around a small town affected by a candy shortage crisis, with Hall playing the protagonist. The performance was filled with catchy songs, comedic moments, and interactive elements, engaging the audience in a unique way. Skittles opted for this offbeat approach to stand out from the traditional Super Bowl ad frenzy and create a truly memorable experience for viewers.

B Dikhe To Karo Bindaas Billpay | Billpay | Mullen Lowe Lintas | 2021

Bharat BillPay, the digital payment ecosystem, launched a brand awareness campaign to promote its broad payment coverage, which included recurring payments through online and offline channels. The campaign, led by Lowe Lintas Mumbai, aimed to reshape consumer payment habits and highlight the convenience and safety symbolized by the brand's 'B' mnemonic. The TV commercial featured a stressed protagonist burdened by monthly bill payments, reassured by a singing voice advocating for Bharat BillPay. It presented the advantages of using the service and encouraged consumers to look for the brand's 'B' symbol for hassle-free payments. AR Ramesh, Chief of Bharat Bill Payment System, expressed confidence in the campaign's ability to create awareness and shift behavior. Lowe Lintas successfully conveyed the brand's USP and tackled the overwhelming variety of payment options, suggesting a simple 'B' as the sign of a trustworthy and convenient payment solution.