Mother Nature grills Apple's CEO plus...5 more campaigns that use personification to great effect.

A snapshot look at a trending campaign with a curated pick of past campaigns that use a similar creative approach in some way.

Mother Nature grills Apple's CEO plus...5 more campaigns that use personification to great effect.

In Apple's latest extended commercial, which runs close to five minutes, Octavia Spencer portrays Mother Nature while Apple CEO Tim Cook plays himself.

The ad highlights the company's ambitious goal to achieve complete carbon neutrality by 2023. Although the humor is more subdued compared to past Apple campaigns, focusing instead on the palpable tension in a corporate setting, the message about Apple's sustainability initiatives is loud and clear.

These efforts include reducing water usage by 63 billion gallons, initiating reforestation projects in Paraguay and Brazil, rejuvenating mangroves in Colombia and grasslands in Kenya, and the crowning achievement: the introduction of Apple's first carbon-neutral product, the new Apple Watch.

Dull report personification: Reimigine a sustainability impact report as a person (Mother Nature, of course) who grills the Apple CEO for answers.

Plus, here are five more campaigns that use personification in different ways:

The Ultimate Dog | Petco | Droga5 | 2023

Celebrity Personification: Reimagine Snoop Dogg to be a Doberman Pinscher to show that Petco food is what humans would want if they were pets.

Faces Of Fraud | HSBC | Wunderman | 2022

Faceless Fraudster Personification: Reveal what a fraudster likely looks like using AI and so help raise awareness of fraud by giving it a human face.

Vacations Miss You | TripAdvisor | 2021

Object personification: Reveal the sad expressions of suitcases and weekend bags who didn't go anywhere during the year of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Alexa's Body | Amazon Alexa | 2021 |

Celebrity & Product personification in one: Turn Amazon's Alexa into the body of Michael B. Jordan to show that it's perfect enough just as it is.

Apple vs. PC 'Get A Mac' | Apple | 2011

Brand & Rival Personification: Reveal the differences between Apples and PCs through their different personalities via personification.