Get your rent free with plus...5 more campaigns that use scavenger hunts for different purposes.

A snapshot look at a trending campaign with a curated pick of past campaigns that use a similar creative approach in some way.

Get your rent free with plus...5 more campaigns that use scavenger hunts for different purposes.

Great Rental Search Party | | 2023 has introduced the Great Rental Search Party, aiming to make the stressful process of renting more enjoyable amidst rising real estate prices. Registered users can participate in a seven-day scavenger hunt by searching for QR codes on rental listings. Daily clues will guide them to the QR code location, and the first users to scan it each day win prizes. The rewards include a year of free rent (estimated at $30K), a $3,000 U-Haul gift card, a $500 Ikea gift card, and a $100 Netflix gift card. This activation was developed in-house and leans into the current interest in freebie handouts amid substantial percentage monthly rental price increases since February.

Plus, 5 more creative campaigns that leverage scavenger hunts in different ways:

The Truth Is Out There | Netflix | David Madrid | 2022

Challenge Money Heist fans to match the answers to key questions by looking out for billboards across the streets of Spain - so in effect turning fans into an extension of the media to drive engagement and word of mouth.

Stole, Smuggled & Sought After | Coors Beer |2021

Challenge fans to take photos of themselves at specific locations - becoming extensions of the media - in order to try and win a 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and $500. The specific locations tie in with the brand's smuggler roots. The above is the accompanying 30-second spot.

No Showroom | Volkswagen | PHD Stockholm | 2020

Challenge people to hunt down a remote VW showroom in an extreme - product benefit - location to win a car.

Museum Of Romanticism | IKEA | McCann Spain | 2020

Challenge visitors to visit a museum famed for its collection of opulent furniture - opposite perception category - to find IKEA furniture that has been snuck in and hidden there! View video

Tagwords | Budweiser | Africa Sao Paulo | 2018

Challenge people to hunt specific tag words on Google to see iconic musicians holding cans of Budweiser - so saving on image costs and reinforcing the brand's connection with the music world.