Porsche goes super-sized plus...5 more giant campaigns that use size to powerful effect.

A snapshot look at a trending campaign with a curated pick of past campaigns that use a similar creative approach in some way.

Porsche goes super-sized plus...5 more giant campaigns that use size to powerful effect.

To celebrate 60 years of the Porsche 911, the iconic German carmaker unveiled a giant 911 sculpture at the IAA Mobility trade fair set in Munich. Set in the open space of the event, the giant sculpture acts as a perfect background for selfies and its silhouette casts an impressive shadow over the exhibition space on Wittelsbacherplatz.

In such a manner, the sculpture acts as a symbol representing the many stories and experiences of enthusiasts, fans, and customers that have shaped the iconic image of the Porsche 911 worldwide.

Below are five more campaigns that leveraged size as a communication tool:

Giant IKEA Frakta Bag | IKEA | 2023

Turn the iconic IKEA bag into a billboard as a way to cover up the scaffolding on its new store and create buzz for the opening.

Which One Is The Biggest? | BurgerKing | David | 2023

Hijack a rival’s ad by using ChatGPT to show that a Whopper is bigger than a Big Mac.

Homelessness Can't Be Ignored | Crisis | adam&eveDDB | 2022

Make living on the streets unignorable to passers-by this winter by creating a giant sculpture of a homeless person outside Kings X station.

The Biggest Air Filter | BOYSEN KNOxOUT | TBWA \ | 2014

Turn the country's main road into street art and reduce pollution by using Boysen's air-cleaning paint and local artists to paint 8000 square meters of walls alongside the road.

The World's Biggest Signpost | Nokia | Farfar | 2010

Raise awareness and usage of Nokia’s navigation service by super-sizing the simplest navigation tool around and asking passers-by to interact with it.