Yorkshire Tea releases club banger plus...6 more epic campaign songs that blew up social media.

A snapshot look at a trending campaign with a curated pick of past campaigns that use a similar creative approach in some way.

Yorkshire Tea releases club banger plus...6 more epic campaign songs that blew up social media.

Pack Yer Bags - Skipton Alfie | Yorkshire Tea | Lucky Generals | 2023

Yorkshire Tea has unveiled a banging Ibiza club anthem sung by a young bloke from Yorkshire who wants to go and do Ibiza ‘proper’. And this, of course, means having a proper brew on holiday. Crafted by Lucky Generals and produced by Ninja Tune, the song mines the wonderfully quirky insight that Brits – even teenage lads – take their favourite tea with them on vacation and hilariously takes all the cliches of a classic first holiday with your mates and flips them on their heads to be all about Yorkshire Tea instead. An incredibly authentic and entertaining way to position the brand as part of popular culture.

I'm Drinking It For You | DB Export Beer | ColensoBBDO | 2020

Flip the perspective of low-carb beer to encourage people to drink it for their loved ones. DB Export Extra Low Carb was launching into a crowded market where the advertising had become very rational. The messaging was all focused on percentages. 60% less carbs! 75% less carbs. So to stand out, the brand opted to not go down this route. Instead, the brand celebrated Valentine’s Day with an R&B ballad to low-carb beer. The fun campaign features a full-length song, ‘I’m Drinking It For You’, and a music video. The tongue-in-cheek earnest love song lists all the romantic things they can do for each other while holding a beer – drinking lower-carb beer being one of them. The quirky campaign was launched via music industry channels and media, thus enabling the campaign message to seep into New Zealand culture in a manner traditional low carb-related percentage advertising never could.

Cows' Menu | Burger King | We Believers | 2021

Give the world a new lemongrass formula to feed cows to reduce their burps and farts thus reducing methane emissions. Cows' burps and farts release methane, a greenhouse gas that adds to global warming. Surprisingly, cows produce more climate-changing emissions than all vehicles combined. In a brave acknowledgment of being part of the problem, Burger King Global collaborated with scientists for over two years to create a solution. They developed a lemongrass formula that enhances cows' digestion, resulting in a remarkable 33% reduction in methane emissions. To promote global adoption, Burger King made the Cows' Menu formula open source, allowing others to benefit from this environmentally friendly approach. And the fun part was they teamed up with teenage country music performer Mason Ramsey who sings about cow-based greenhouse gas emissions in this offbeat Burger King music video. The environmental initiative led to 12.5 billion global impressions and a 200% lift in consumer perception of BK as a sustainable brand.

#LikeABosch | Bosch | Jung Von Matt | 2019

Embrace hip-hop to create a song highlighting the IoT nature of Bosch's products. Bosch, the German-based multinational corporation, was in the midst of a radical transformation as it embrace innovative future trends such as ‘IoT’ into all lines of its business. To communicate these initiatives, the agency Jung von Matt developed a strong brand communication platform that connected all business sectors from B2C to B2B and brought the transformation to life – #LikeABosch. And to promote the platform they created - as you do - a sensational rap video adaptation of a viral hit from The Lonely Island. It took viewers through the daily routine of an average guy who was always on top of things, thanks to connected solutions from Bosch. With a smartphone in hand, he operates his car, lawn mower, and coffee machine in a cool, smart, and confident way – #LikeABosch.  The platform ‘Like a Bosch’ quickly gained huge momentum internally, uniting the employees behind this new confident mindset earning over 10 billion impressions worldwide and a Gold Effie.

Is Mir Egal | BVG | Jung Von Matt | 2016

Disguise instructions for traveling on the U-Bahn as a catchy song to reinforce travel rules. BVG “Is Mir Egal”# Turkish-German comedian Kazim Akboga plays the part of a worker on Berlin’s public transport system who spells out his “live and let live” philosophy in a rap-style number. He is unfazed by pretty much everything – animals, music, bearded ladies, furniture, etc. – but there is one thing that does bother him: fare dodgers. Wonderful stuff.

The Worst Song In The World | Monprix | Rosapark | 2018

Reveal new delivery features of Monoprix with a terrible song a shopper can't skip. Monoprix is the go-to brand for shopping in France. Customers enjoy the pleasure of exploring products, touching them, tasting them, and discovering new ones. However, the one thing they dislike is carrying groceries. To address this, Monoprix introduces customized delivery services in their stores. To promote these services, the brand, in collaboration with Rosapark agency, surprised customers with an unexpected campaign called "The Worst Song in the World." This offbeat film depicts a scenario where a woman's hands are tied up carrying heavy grocery bags – consequences of ignoring brand benefit - forcing her to endure the entirety of a horrendous kitsch song. The campaign thus highlights the product benefit of never having to go through such a near-death experience again with Monoprix's delivery services.

Dumb Ways To Die | Metro Trains | McCann | 2013

Tell Australian commuters the truth that falling off train platforms is a dumb way to die but sweeten the pill via an upbeat catchy tune. In this Adland Hall-of-Famer, the brand acts as a whistleblower to reveal to us the absurd truth; that falling off a train platform because you weren’t paying attention is a pretty dumb way to die. This truth had been hiding in plain sight for a long time before this campaign exploded and became part of popular culture. Given the abrupt message and to confound our expectations, the agency opted for a humorous playful approach to sugarcoat it, and the rest, as they say, is Adland history.