Tiger Beer creates a cool Puffer for summer plus...4 more stunt benefit clothing campaigns.

A snapshot look at a trending campaign with a curated pick of past campaigns that use a similar creative approach in some way.

Tiger Beer creates a cool Puffer for summer plus...4 more stunt benefit clothing campaigns.

Puffers have taken the global Gen Z scene by storm, driven by celebrity-endorsed designs and legendary catwalk appearances. However, in Tiger Beer's native Asia, the tropical climate has made this fashion essential a non-starter. Enter Tiger Beer to the rescue with the world’s first puffer jacket with a beer-powered cooling system to beat the heat and keep you (looking) cool.

The idea comes from BBH Singapore and LePub APAC. The jacket was designed by fashion designer, Izzy Du, who is known for revolutionising outerwear in London.

While proving a hit with an elusive younger audience, making a puffer for the summer can also be seen as a neat expression of how refreshing and cool it feels to drink a Tiger. And with refreshment so intrinsic to the brand, it’s only natural for them to refresh puffer jackets for drinkers in Asia!

Here are four more stunt benefit clothing campaigns.

Takeoutfit | Postmates | Mother L.A | 2023

Embrace dressing up for dinner with an outfit specifically made for takeaways. In celebration of the revered stoner holiday, Postmates introduced a unique merchandise item tailored to the couch-bound enthusiasts of their food delivery app. Dubbed the "Takeoutfit," this hoodie is designed with lap-dining utility in mind. It features a fold-down kanga pocket that securely attaches to heat-resistant thigh pads, forming a convenient tray for your warm delivery order. The hoodie also includes removable velcro sleeve patches serving as washable napkins, a sleeve pocket with a versatile eating utensil, and an additional pouch behind the kanga pocket for storing "flavor enhancements" like hot sauce or other herbal substances (hint: weed). The idea for the Takeoutfit stemmed from the desire to be distinctive and provide standout in a cluttered market to its core 18-34-year-old audience; an audience that might just be open to an improved takeout couch experience!

Dream Drop | Lotto Max | Dream Drop | 2022

Partner with a fashion brand that appeals to Canadian teenagers to create a clothing range that doubles as a lottery ticket. Young people think that the lotto is only for old people – only 14% of players are 35 or under. To help encourage the younger demographic to play, LOTTO MAX released a fashion line that raised money for charity while acting as a wearable lottery ticket. 90% of the collection sold out within 24 hours and there was a 194% increase in account registrations.

The Fall Collection | Burger King | BBH | 2021

Give messy eaters a burger ingredients-style shirt to hide sloppy spillages. Burger King unveiled their messiest burgers yet, the Gourmet Kings. To amp up the excitement and prevent accidental spills, BBH had a unique idea to promote them: what if customers wore the burger itself? Introducing The Fall Collection: exclusive shirts with patterns made of the same ingredients as the Gourmet Kings. These shirts cleverly camouflage any falling burger mess, seamlessly blending it in. In a groundbreaking collaboration with Yeezy designer Katie Eary, we created the world's first burger camo, allowing customers to indulge in sophistication while literally dripping with style!

And in a similar theme but with a different spin...

Heinz Vintage Drip | Heinz | 2022

Challenge people to thrift clothing with a line that includes unique ketchup drip. And here's another campaign that featured a stains clothing range, although this lovely campaign from Heinz had more of an altruistic feel to it. Heinz joined forces with thredUP, an online thrifting platform, to curate an exclusive collection of 157 unique clothing pieces from renowned fashion brands. This collaboration aimed to extend the lifespan of used garments and transform Heinz-stained clothes into a fashionable statement. The campaign debuted just before New York Fashion Week, with influential partners integrating Heinz stains into their latest ensembles. Furthermore, all proceeds generated from the collection will be directed towards Rise Against Hunger, an organization dedicated to global hunger relief.