McDonald's follows up its 'Raise Your Arches' campaign plus...5 more 'traffic jam' focused campaigns.

A snapshot look at a trending campaign with a curated pick of past campaigns that use a similar creative approach in some way.

McDonald's follows up its 'Raise Your Arches' campaign plus...5 more 'traffic jam' focused campaigns.

Leo Burnett and McDonald's follow up here to their successful ‘Raise Your Arches’ ad campaign with a summer edition that wonderfully taps into the familiar travel woes of Brits stuck in holiday traffic.

Set to the iconic soundtrack of Yello's 'Oh Yeah' the diverse bunch of Brits, get the idea to take a break at McDonald’s and playfully raise their eyebrows to another group until the idea has spread like wildfire throughout the traffic jam. Following the same style as before, the ads displays no branding until the very end when the 'Fancy a McDonald's?' appear on the screen that self-evidently everyone in the traffic jam does!

Plus, here are 5 more campaigns that focus on traffic jams in very different ways.

Punishing Signal | Mumbai Police | FCB | 2020

Punish anti-social honking by motorists with a correlated resetting of the wait time at traffic lights to show that honking - literally - gets you nowhere. In Mumbai, in heavy traffic, the sounds of horns honking often rise above comfortable decibel levels. Mumbai Police installed decibel meters, which emitted a sound if decibel levels rose above 85. If this happened, the traffic lights would be reset. Impatient, noisy motorists would be punished for breaking sound barriers. They would be taught that honking gets you nowhere – literally. This information was relayed through billboards and shared on social media. The campaign resulted in 6.6 billion impressions and international interest with no media budget.

Traffic Jam Whopper | Burger King | We Believers | 2019

Give drivers stuck in bad traffic the chance to order a burger in real-time. To take advantage of the ‘worst traffic in the world’ in Mexico City, Burger King decided to deliver something to help uplift their vehicle-bound audience. Using real-time data, Burger King could promote their burgers to potential customers and then deliver to them while they waited in traffic. Dynamic media was used to allow delivery only in highly congested areas. The data was fed into the billboards to issue timely messages and personalised order information. Smartphone notifications were also sent in the delivery zones and deliveries could be placed by voice. Burger King’s deliverers moved with the traffic and could even deliver while cars were on the move. App downloads increased and Burger King became the staple snack for those stuck in traffic.

Lifesaving Billboards | Mas Vida | High Traffic | Ogilvy | 2019

Turn the problem of ambulances stuck in traffic into billboards that reveal treatment inside them to persuade drivers to let them pass.

Merry Christmas Traffic | Pepsi | Almap BBDO | 2019

Give drivers a free drink if they were stuck in a traffic jam caused by rival brand's lorries.

Stop Traffik | Street Grace | Porter Novelli | 2018

Turn the volume of child sex trafficking into a media metaphor using school buses to show the numbers.