Supermouth makes an oral hygiene superhero movie plus...4 more fab superhero campaigns that are (cough) super!

A snapshot look at a trending campaign with a curated pick of past campaigns that use a similar creative approach in some way.

Supermouth makes an oral hygiene superhero movie plus...4 more fab superhero campaigns that are (cough) super!

Supermouth Official Movie | Supermouth | 2023

SuperMouth, a dental hygiene brand, has launched "Rise of SuperMouth," a thrilling tribute to superhero movies. This 35-minute film combines live-action and animation to present an action-packed Marvel-style storyline. The main antagonist, Cavitar, lures children into damaging their teeth with candy. Fortunately, the SuperMouth squad assembles to confront Cavitar and his allies head-on. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors and heroic themes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and similar franchises, the film emphasizes the importance of healthy smiles as potential assets that can save the world.

Air Heroes | E.ON | Engine Groupt | 2021

Turn a cape into a way to absorb pollution. In collaboration with fashion brand Scamp & Dude, energy supplier E.ON has created an innovative accessory that can help to clean up air pollution. The kids’ capes are made using a patented fabric that absorbs air pollution which helps to make a small contribution towards air quality. The utility company hopes to encourage parents to walk their kids to school instead of driving. A 20-second ad showing a child wearing one of the capes turning into a superhero to fight pollution from exhaust fumes on their way to school accompanies the ad. In addition, a competition encourages parents to enter to win a set of capes for their kid’s class.

Superwear | Amazon Prime  Video | Herezie Group | 2020

Turn underwear into fertility protection for laptop users to promote a superhero show. In advance of the second season of The Boys, Amazon Prime Video launched Superwear – superhero underwear. But these weren’t just underpants with fun designs, they had a useful and unexpected purpose. Placing laptops on the groin can direct heat and electromagnetic waves into the reproductive areas but these pants, using patented fabric with silver thread, protect against radiation and bacteria while fans watch the show.

VR Vaccine | Hermes Pardini | Ogilvy | 2018

Reimagine getting a vaccine as becoming a superhero to alleviate fear for kids. Each year, children confront their deepest fear: vaccinations! To alleviate their fears, Hermes Pardini, a prominent vaccination centre, introduced virtual reality (VR) technology, immersing kids in a superhero adventure. As the vaccine was administered, a virtual super-shield materialized on their arm, making the experience less scary and more empowering.

The Unbreakable Preview | Netflix | Ogilvy | 2017

Challenge viewers to break an unbreakable box to access Luke Cage episodes early. Netflix's original series, Luke Cage, revolves around an indestructible hero whose skin gained impenetrable abilities through a freak experiment. To launch the series, Netflix sent the entire first season to French journalists and hardcore Marvel fans. However, they encountered an unexpected twist as the USB key containing all episodes was locked inside an unbreakable box - a wonderful media metaphor or product benefit metaphor depending on your viewpoint -  just like Luke Cage's impenetrable skin. A frenzy ensued as journalists, influencers, and even a prominent French hardware chain joined the race to break the unbreakable box, sharing advice and professional solutions on social media.

JJ-Man | Priligy | McCann Health | 2016

Parody a familiar superhero power to make an awkward topic more approachable. A Menarini, a healthcare organization in Hong Kong, tackled the sensitive topic of premature ejaculation by developing a superhero parody. The character's unique power was a humorous take on "web-shooting."

This creative approach not only helped raise awareness but also led to a notable surge in traffic to the educational website. The success of this campaign highlighted the effectiveness of using humor to address taboo issues and make them more approachable.