Scott Bath dig deep into toilet terror at your inlaws plus...6 more campaigns that mine a horror vibe.

A snapshot look at a trending campaign with a curated pick of past campaigns that use a similar creative approach in some way.

Scott Bath dig deep into toilet terror at your inlaws plus...6 more campaigns that mine a horror vibe.

Clogging a toilet, especially at your inlaws, is one of those nightmarish experiences that can bring even a cold sweat to Dwaine Johnson's brow.  Scott Bath mines this discomfort wonderfully in this fantastic social campaign. Parodying and paying homage to many horror films, Scott Bath collaborates with VaynerMedia for this sure-to-go viral YouTube short titled 'The Clogging.'

The short film shows a woman meeting her potential in-laws, forgetting her clog-free Scott 1000 toilet paper in the car (consequences without brand), leading to an embarrassing situation. Director Chioke Nassor artfully presents this common fear, reminding viewers of the importance of using Scott Bath products to ensure peace of mind with every flush, keeping bathroom horrors on screen only.

Join The Flip Side (2) | Samsung Galaxy | Wieden + Kennedy | 2023

Samsung collaborated with Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam to create this two-minute horror-style commercial for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. The ad features five friends at a summer camp who learn about the phone's captivating abilities. The rumour goes that one glance at the Galaxy Z Flip4 traps you in its spell, with the only escape being to switch to the phone. Despite their initial resistance, the friends - getting picked off one by one - eventually succumb to its allure. The campaign, titled "Join the Flip Side," aims to dispel the myth that switching phones shouldn't be feared.

Southhwest Ford Dealers | GTB | 2023

This recent campaign by GTB for Ford dealers in the Pacific Northwest is perfect for those who enjoy watching people freak out alone in the wilderness. The campaign features three spots that initially resemble the tense moments on shows like "Alone," where contestants face isolation and potential danger. However, a surprising twist quickly provides relief, unlike the desperate situations faced by the show's participants. Shot in Gresham, Oregon, and the Columbia River Gorge, the ads feature local actors and effectively utilize the well-established tropes of survival shows, particularly relevant to the Pacific Northwest region. The campaign aims to showcase the off-road capabilities of Ford vehicles while highlighting the breathtaking scenery of the Pacific Northwest. With a touch of flair, this unique advertising approach appeals to the adventurous nature of customers in the region.

The Massacre | KFC | PS21 | 2022

Turn a short horror film into a way to show why it’s better to eat a pizza without a base.  KFC took a bold approach to promote its Pollizza, a pizza without a base. Instead of a typical noisy fast food ad, KFC' and its partner PS21 created a 14-minute horror film called La Masacre (The Massacre). The film pays tribute to B-movie horror films and tells the story of friends at a cabin in the woods who order dinner from a mysterious pizza place, only to face monstrous consequences. Since its launch, the film gained over 100,000 visits on Twitch and YouTube and reached over 13 million people on social media in just one day. The premiere included screenings and tastings, and the pizza boxes featured an active phone number for free product. Nysu, an internationally recognized Spanish filmmaker, directed the film. PS21's executive creative director, Victor Blanco, explained that the concept arose from the realization that not everyone loves pizza crust, leading them to create the horror film.

Nightmare WiFi Dolls | BT | Saatchi & Saatchi | 2022

Turn a Wi-Fi connected doll into a way to show the importance of good broadband. BT partnered with two prominent TikTok families in the UK for a Halloween-themed - broadband nightmare - social media campaign. Led by Saatchi & Saatchi, the campaign features the Harfin and Famileigh families engaging in pranks using fully functional Wi-Fi-controlling Horror Dolls. Developed by MacKinnon & Saunders with Wi-Fi technology, the dolls disrupt various activities like takeaway orders, date invitations, movies, and video calls in the families' videos. The brand tie in was a promotion for BT's Hybrid Connect broadband, emphasizing the significance of reliable and unbreakable internet connections. .

Don't Risk It |Wordtext Systems Inc. | Propel Manila | 2021

Turn the act of buying fake products into a horror story. WSI, one of the largest tech providers in the Philippines, wanted to highlight the risks of buying electronics from non-authentic sources. Their campaign includes three amusingly terrifying ads that tell the horror stories that come with buying fake products. Set to authentic horror movie music, the 30-second ads tell a creepy story – headphones that ring and echo, a cheap PC with no tech support and delivery that takes weeks. The retailer wants to encourage users to buy from a credible brand instead of risking receiving a scary experience with their purchase.

Dead Till Death | Liquid Death | 2021

Turn water into the villain in a horror movie. When most people think of horror movies, they don't imagine water as the villain. But, after watching Dead Till Death, you might find a little more H2O in your nightmares tonight. The 43-minute spoof horror film features Liquid Death's canned water as the murderer with cans springing to life to try to kill their human victims. The absurd concept movie was designed to be as watchable as possible despite being full of product shots. Dead Till Death will premier in Los Angeles and on, plus it will be available to watch on Apple TV and Amazing Prime Video.