DoorDash wins Cannes Grand Prix for PR with Self Love Bouquet plus...4 more subversive Valentine's Day campaigns.

DoorDash wins Cannes Grand Prix for PR with Self Love Bouquet plus...4 more subversive Valentine's Day campaigns.

Self Love Bouquet | DoorDash | Gut | 2022

DoorDash, the delivery platform, won the Grand Prix in PR for their "Self Love Bouquet" campaign. Developed by Gut, Los Angeles, the campaign aimed to challenge societal norms around women’s self-pleasure and celebrate singles on Valentine's Day. The package included 11 red roses and a 'Rose' vibrator. The campaign generated 794 million media impressions and sparked conversations around self-love. While the claim of 4,000 orgasms remains “unverified”, the campaign was praised for initiating a new dialogue and prompting action. Jury President Jo-ann Robertson emphasized the importance of simplicity, cultural relevance, and impact in award-winning work.

I'm Drinking It For You | DB Export Beer | Colenso BBDO | 2020

Flip the perspective of low carb beer to encourage people to drink it for their loved ones. DB Export Extra Low Carb was launching into a crowded market where the advertising had become very rational. The messaging was all focused around percentages. 60% less carbs! 75% less carbs. So to stand out, the brand opted to not go down this route. Instead, the brand celebrated Valentine’s Day with an R&B ballad to low carb beer. The fun campaign features a full-length song, ‘I’m Drinking It For You’, and music video. The tongue-in-cheek earnest love song lists all the romantic things they can do for each other while holding a beer – drinking lower carb beer being one of them. The quirky campaign was launched via music industry channels and media, thus enabling the campaign message to seep into New Zealand culture in a manner traditional low carb-related percentage advertising never could.

IKEA Love Collection | IKEA | Ogilvy | 2020

Turn IKEA's least-purchased items into love-themed ones for Valentine’s Day. In IKEA, there are some items that are never purchased. To remedy this and to tie into Valentine’s Day, IKEA turned some of these unwanted items into love-themed ones. Objects that are seldom bought were given a cheeky makeover to appear as sex toys and kinky items to tie into the holiday. These included chopping boards, decorative pot cacti, and a clamp. Seeing these items in a new light led to an increase in sales. The Love Collection led to a 584% increase in impressions and a 283% click-through rate.

Ex Instalments | Itaú Banco | Grey | 2022

Give one heartbroken Argentinian the chance to pay off outstanding gift debts for their ex lover. On a day where love reigns, you might find yourself paying the outstanding installments on your credit card for an ex-partner’s gift. This is why Itaú Bank, in partnership with Grey Argentina, created “Ex installments” to take care of the remaining payments of the gift that at one time was bought with so much love.

#LoveBetter | One Love Foundation | TBWA\ | 2018

Turn Valentine's gifts into examples of bad relationships to highlight how easy it is to be in one.