Diesel collab with Durex...and 7 more odd collaborations you'd never think would happen...

Diesel collab with Durex...and 7 more odd collaborations you'd never think would happen...
Odd campaign collaborations

When done right, brand collaborations are a credible royalty-free way for brands to reach new but relevant audiences. They're also innovative as they encourage brands to create something new and compelling. But with so many brands doing it, how can you stand out from the crowd? Here's a collection of off-the-wall collaborations that should inspire you starting with the upcoming release of the Diesel & Durex partnership.

Diesel x Durex

At Milan Fashion Week in February, Diesel's creative director Glenn Martens showcased the brand's collaboration with Durex, featuring hundreds of thousands of condoms piled up as models walked out in co-branded apparel. This partnership continues Diesel's exploration of the intersection between sex and fashion, having previously teamed up with sex toy label LELO on a range of vibrators.

The collection, set to release on April 27, includes five styles, with straight-legged jeans adorned with "For Sucsexful Living" branding in red being the highlight. The Durex logo is updated with Diesel's signature "D" branding on a gray T-shirt and hoodie, with a denim cap featuring the same motif.

To promote sexual health and freedom, 300,000 Diesel x Durex condom boxes will be given away for free at Diesel stores globally, along with the launch of the collection. The prices for the collection range from $95 to $225 USD. This collaboration allows both brands to push the boundaries and make a statement in the world of fashion and sexuality.

Dead Island 2 x DeadHappy Insurance

Dead Island 2, the hotly anticipated game from Deep Silver, has partnered with DeadHappy to launch a new “deathwish” insurance policy. Yep, that's right. This policy includes instructions for loved ones to zombie-proof remains and provide a celebratory Californian getaway wake. DeadHappy hopes to break the taboo around death and funeral planning and help individuals take control of their legacy.  The Deathwish policy costs £8000 and is not legally binding, but communicating wishes to loved ones and taking out a life insurance policy can help cover associated costs. While clearly absurd, the policy serves as a reminder to be prepared for unexpected events.

Heinz x Absolut Vodka | Wunderman Thompson

Embrace the iconic bottles and ads of Absolut vodka to introduce Heinz vodka pasta sauce. Learn more

Netflix x Lacoste

Uniting the worlds of fashion and entertainment, Lacoste has reworked its iconic crocodile to honor the most celebrated shows on Netflix. Learn more

BVG Bus Service x Adidas | Jung von Matt

Reimagine a popular Adidas shoe as a yearly ticket for the hated BVG in Berlin to attract teenagers to use public transport more. Learn more

Pizza Hut x IKEA |

Pizza Hut is known for pizza, while Ikea is famed for its flat-pack furniture and Swedish meatballs. So, to generate excitement for both brands, the two merged to create a meatball-topped pizza served on a flat-pack table! The campaign achieved 1 billion impressions, 18 million views, and increased sales by 86%. Learn more

The Pepsi-Roni Pizza

To celebrate that 90% of people agree that Pepsi is the perfect drink to go with pizza, the brand took pizza enjoyment to the next level on National Pizza Party Day by unveiling the world's first Pepsi™-Roni Pizza.  Learn more

Take Off The Misunderstanding | Hakuhodo

Unite a pharma brand and a fashion line to create symptom-considerate clothing for Japanese psoriasis sufferers and educate the wider public about the condition. Learn more

And finally...

Another belter from Diesel...

Diesel x Mustafa [Kebab Shop!] | Publicis

A satirical campaign that sees Diesel team up with a super trendy German Kebab Shop to parody fashion collaborations and brands that try to outdo each other for street cred. Learn more