The Big 5 Weekly Roundup

The Big 5 Weekly Roundup
Big 5 Ad Campaigns Of The Week RoundUp

This week we have curated creative thinking around using deceased protagonists, ad agency campaigns, odd collaborations, turning the urban jungle to your advantage, and campaigns that slam dunk it when it comes to apologising.

A campaign for black maternal health brings back the voice of a mother…plus 7 more campaigns that use protagonists from 'beyond the grave'.

4 smart agency and award ads (and one manifesto) that showcase their creativity.

Diesel collab with Durex...and 7 more odd collaborations you'd never think would happen.

McDonald's turns street bollards into tables...and 5 more campaigns that take advantage of the urban jungle.

'Apologize The Rainbow' wins an Andys Grandy... and eight more campaigns that used apologies to humorous and dramatic effect.