Playlists just dropped include one for menopause and one for 5 more Spotify playlists campaigns.

Playlists just dropped include one for menopause and one for 5 more Spotify playlists campaigns.
Spotify Ad Campaigns: Menopause Mix

Most people stream their music nowadays, with over 400 million paying for services like Spotify and Apple Music. Needless to say, major brands have taken notice and are using Spotify playlists to reach customers in fun new ways.

The Menopause Mix | Menopause Mandate | Dark Horses

To celebrate the introduction of the single prescription charge for HRT in the UK, the agency has created The Menopause Mix – Hot 100 Spotify playlist for Menopause Mandate. Supported by Spotify, Universal Music, and Clearchannel, the playlist contains 100 song titles that highlight the 30+ symptoms of menopause in an educational and hilarious narrative. Created by Sarah Levitt and Matt Roach, the playlist is a unique way to bring awareness to menopause and its symptoms. Learn more

Playlist For Dogs | Skoda

According to Skoda's research, 60% of dogs experience anxiety while travelling in a car, with three-quarters of dog owners admitting to being distracted by their pet while driving. S0, Skoda partnered with dog behaviorist Anna Webb to create the Happy Hounds playlist on Spotify, which features songs to help dogs feel calmer when travelling in cars. The playlist has a beats-per-minute count that mimics the heart rate of dogs, with reggae selected as the preferred music genre. Webb also recommends securing dogs with a harness before travelling, keeping the temperature at 20 degrees Celsius and gradually introducing the music playlist to dogs before a journey. The playlist was tested with drivers who had previously struggled with their dog's anxiety on car journeys. Learn more

Bucket Bangers | KFC | Sid Lee

For decades, pop stars have been quoting KFC in their songs. So SID LEE launched Bucket Bangers the first playlist that gathered the 46 best songs mentioning KFC on Spotify - accompanied by a large outdoor, street marketing digital campaign using the 46 punchlines as 46 advertising headlines.  Learn more

FriesList | McDonalds | DPZ&T and Leo Burnett

McDonald's partnered with Spotify to offer its customers a unique digital experience when they visited the restaurant. By placing their McFries on a code traced on the tray liner, customers could access music that was in accordance with their mood through the Spotify app. The project was created by agencies DPZ&T Brazil and Leo Burnett Colombia and aimed to diversify the customer experience at McDonald's restaurants. Users could scan the Spotify code on the tray liner and were taken to a Spotify profile called "FriesList" created specifically for this promotion. There, they could listen to exclusive playlists such as "FriTops of the Moment," "I'm Out of Fries," or "Someone Stole My Fries" while enjoying their meal. The initiative had offered a new way for customers to engage with McDonald's and further enhanced the fast-food chain's brand experience.

King of the Jingle | Lion Cereal

Lion Cereal, based on a popular chocolate bar, launched a pan-European hunt for musical talent, called the King of the Jingle, to create a new jingle for the cereal. The goal was to pay tribute to the distinctive chocolate, caramel, and crunch of the cereal while reviving the quality jingle as a music genre. Artists across Europe, from Russia to France, recorded jingles for the campaign, and the lyrics, "It’s chocolate, caramel, crunchy. It’s breakfast cereal Lion Style," became a signature phrase. The campaign garnered attention on social media, where Lion Cereal jingles have been widely shared. Watch video.

Pasta Playlist | Barilla Pasta

Tune your ears into the Pasta Playlist. The brand worked with Spotify to create playlists of the same length of time as it takes to boil different types of pasta – who wouldn’t want to boil their Fusili to ‘Boom bap Fusili’ to make dinner time more fun? The campaign shows a creative way to tap into an audience’s behavioural traits, enabling the brand to turn it to their advantage. For the consumer, it’s a bit of fun that also alleviates the issue of knowing when the pasta’s ready. The tactic allowed Barilla Pasta to engage with their audience through a new medium that they knew they were using, particularly during cooking and mealtimes.

Auto-Ambiance | NAPA

The demand for de-stressing apps surged in 2020, with apps like Calm receiving a 250% increase in downloads during the pandemic. NAPA identified a gap in the market for de-stressing apps aimed at car-lovers and created a playlist called Auto Ambiance. This playlist features relaxing vehicle-themed tracks, from the sound of tires on the highway to the hum of an idling V8 engine. The playlist aims to celebrate the calming effect that being in a car can have, providing solitude and peace.