McDonald's turns street bollards into tables...and 5 more campaigns that take advantage of the urban jungle.

McDonald's turns street bollards into tables...and 5 more campaigns that take advantage of the urban jungle.
McDonald's Tablebag

We all know the saying: "If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain," and these campaigns ememplify that spirit. Faced with apathy, forgetulness, overcrowding, lack of awareness and a pandemic they all found ways to use the urban jungle to their advantage.

Tablebag | McDonald's | Leo Burnett

McDonald's, known for its convenient fast food, has extended this concept to the outdoors by creating makeshift furniture from cardboard packaging. The fast-food giant collaborated with Leo Burnett for Milan Design Week, offering a solution for 400,000 design enthusiasts who had no space for a meal. They introduced the "TableBag," a takeout box that transforms into an outdoor table when attached to specialized posts reading "Let me be your table." These cardboard tabletops can hold two burgers, two orders of fries, and have two cup holders. They are designed for sharing and are 100% recyclable, making them an eco-friendly solution for outdoor dining.

Street-Vet | Purina | McCann Paris

In France, dog owners regularly skipped their annual vet check-ups. These check-ups helped to spot diseases before they got out of hand and could prolong the lives of many dogs. So, to bring vet visits to the people, Purina created a billboard that helped run some basic tests on people’s pets. All they had to do was pee on the billboard’s pole. The dog, that is. The urine is quickly analysed, and any problems are immediately flagged. Pet owners can then wait to see which Purina food would suit the dog best to alleviate any of its issues. By adding illness analysis to a standard dog walk, Purina helped use this daily occurrence to highlight their brand’s commitment to dogs.

Taxi Tops | United Airlines |  McGarryBowen New York City

In a city like New York, there can often be so much marketing we don’t know what to take in. That’s why it was particularly innovative of United Airlines to harness the tops of cabs. 125 taxis were topped with GPS software countdown clocks. These clocks showed that often it was faster to get to Newark Airport (where United was based) rather than JFK (where United’s rivals operated). This was the first-time real-time data was displayed on taxis. The brand here were able to leverage part of our daily routine – everybody takes taxis in the Big Apple – to scientifically prove that they were the most convenient option. The unique placement caused people to spot the taxis – they might have ignored another billboard or bus ad.

The Urban Eye Test | OCO Opticians | McCann Health

Eye tests are often skipped because people simply find them inconvenient. So, to combat this, OCO Opticians decided to bring the test to the eyes. Markings on the ground instructed passers-by to conduct their own eye exams – with any results urging participants to book an actual test. OCO were able to take advantage of the urban landscape in order to deliver an eye test that many might otherwise be put off due to inconvenience. Using the street and pub signs that are there anyway, OCO were able to turn the everyday to their advantage. Plus, through targeting people where they would typically be, bringing the eye exam to their daily routine, helped the brand benefit from the subsequent store footfall.

The Street Configurator | Volvo | Famous Grey

The Belgian car industry faced a setback in 2022 as the COVID-19 pandemic led to the cancellation of the Brussels Motor Show, which accounted for 30% of Volvo's yearly sales target. In response, Volvo developed the Volvo Street Configurator app with the help of Famous Grey. The app uses advanced AI to identify the configuration of every Volvo seen on the street, providing prospects with information about the car and allowing them to book a test drive or request an offering within 60 seconds of spotting the car. The app was built and trained over a period of three months to combine physical attraction with digital commitment and kick-start the purchase process. The campaign achieved +56% increase in test drives and nearly 4,500 sold cars within the month, making it the best ever month in the history of Volvo Belgium.

Hidden Gyms | Gymkuma Sportswear | Wunderman Thompson

Jordan has the 5th highest obesity rates globally, with Jordanian women ranking 2nd, while only 5.7% of the population is considered an active fitness community that can afford gym membership fees. As a new local sportswear brand Gymkuma had a a limited budget and could not compete for attention against the the gym industry giants. However, by utilizing their knowledge of Amman's topography, the brand created the largest urban gym spanning 1680 KM2. With the help of fitness experts, they identified safe routes, measured inclines, and counted steps and calories to create personalized exercise plans for each location. The city was branded with informative street plaques to guide pedestrians. The Hidden Gyms program offered free membership and unlimited access, leading to a significant increase in physical activity among Jordanians.