The Big 5 Weekly Roundup

A roundup of the week's most interesting campaigns with curated creative thinking examples.

The Big 5 Weekly Roundup

This week we have curated creative thinking around leveraging antagonists, street art, the 'You Don't Have To' Hall of Famer framework, gung-ho protagonists who act recklessly without the brand, and superheroes. Quite the mixture. Enjoy!

'Eat Them To Defeat Them' campaign drives £100m growth in veg consumption plus...4 more campaigns that brilliantly leverage antagonists.

The Big Issue launches big mural to shift perceptions of vendors plus...4 more creative street art-inspired campaigns.

Trainline advises us not to make homemade mosquito repellant to save money plus...5 more brands that use the incredible 'You don't have to...' advertising framework.

The Fork warns of the dangers of booking a restaurant without their app plus...4 more clever campaigns that use gung-ho protagonists to make their point.

Supermouth makes an oral hygiene superhero movie plus...4 more fab superhero campaigns that are (cough) super!

Collection of the week

40+ Ad Song Campaigns that won more Gold than Fort Knox.

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