The Big 5 Weekly Roundup

The Big 5 Weekly Roundup

This week we have curated creative thinking around using avatars, scavenger hunts, using deception to shift perception, dramatising the product benefit and epic campaign songs. Enjoy!

Colonel Sanders becomes kickass plus...5 more awesome avatar and skins campaigns.

Get your rent free with plus...5 more campaigns that use scavenger hunts for different purposes.

Orange disguises women's football as men' 6 more campaigns that use bullshit and disguise to brilliantly shift perceptions.

Apple launches latest in 'Relax it's an iPhone' series plus...6 more Apple campaigns that dramatize the product benefit sensationally.

Yorkshire Tea releases club banger plus...6 more epic campaign songs that blew up social media.

Collection of the week

100+ Campaigns that made a big impact on tiny budgets

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